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Install tips

Vanity Installation Tips

Installing vanities with front legs

Tools needed: drill, screws or toggle bolts, level, small hammer, one nail & a tape measure

Installing an Urban Ironcraft vanity with front legs is easy.  80% of the support comes from the legs, so by properly screwing your vanity into the wall, you’ll be gaining a great look with plenty of stability.  If you consider yourself handy with tools, you won’t need a professional installer, see our tips below for easy self-installation.

  • Most likely you won’t be able to hit a stud, unless you were lucky enough to pre-plan before sheetrock was installed.  First, unpack your vanity from the box, and then place it up against the wall where you would like for it to go.  Make sure that the wall straps are nice and snug against the wall once you’ve measured and found where you would like for it to stay. Then take a level and place it on top of the vanity, making sure that it sets on both sides.  Place it towards the back and make sure that the vanity is setting level while it’s tight against the wall.  Take a pencil and mark the holes where the screws or toggle bolts will need to go.   Then take your vanity off the wall and lay it on the ground.   Now take a 2” nail and lightly tap it into the wall where the screws will need to go.  If you hit a stud, you’ll know to use regular 2” wood screws.  If you don’t hit anything, then you’ll know to use toggle bolts.  Note:  You may hit a stud with one screw hole, but not with any of the others.  That’s ok, you can use both types.
  • If you need to use toggle bolts, you’ll need to stick the bolt through the hole of the vanity strap first and then put the wing on the back of the bolt.  Do this before placing it back against the wall.  You’ll then take a drill bit the same size as the wing and you’ll drill a hole in the wall where the coordinating hole will match up on the vanity strap.  Note: you determine the wing size by screwing the wing onto the bolt and by holding the wings all of the way down.  Hold a drill bit to the end of the wing and make sure that they are the same diameter.  Note: if you hit a stud on one of the holes, then there is no need to drill any holes, just screw right into the wall once the vanity is in place.
  • Once you put the toggle bolts where needed, you’re ready to put the vanity back up against the wall.  Get it close to the holes in the wall and push the wings through the holes.  Then put the vanity up against the wall, using your level to get it straight.  Once straight and in place, screw the toggle bolts in tight.  Once they are tight, you’re now ready to screw any other screws into place if need be.


Installing wall mounted vanities

Tools needed: drill, screws or toggle bolts, level, small hammer, one nail & a tape measure

Installing this type of vanity isn’t difficult, but you will need some help to do so.  It’ll take two people in order to hold and mark your holes at the same time.  You’ll need that second person again once you’re ready to screw the vanity into the wall.  Basically you’re going to follow all of the same directions as for the vanity with legs, but instead of letting it just lean against the wall while you mark your holes, you’ll need a friend in order to stabilize it while you get it level and marked.