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Double Bottle Label Facing Blade Display

1.00 LBS
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Listed here is our Double Bottle Label Facing Blade Display. Unlike any other bottle display on the market, ours are clean-lined, modern and timeless in design. If you're tired of the cheap wine racks on the market and are looking for something with a little more eye-candy, you'll love our products.

- These come in a wide range of sizes to fit your spaces needs. Choose from the drop down or message us for your custom needs.
- For residential or commercial use.
- Each bottle is very secure in the oval shaped holder.
- Spacing wise, we suggest allowing 15" of space for each stem to allow for bottle hangover.
- Remember to be aware of crown molding and outlets/light switches when planning for placement
- Depending on size ordered, please be aware this will come in two separate pieces that will need to be attached.

- Whether you hit a stud or not, these wine stems can be installed to easily support a full rack.
- If installing into sheet-rock and unable to hit a stud, use toggle bolts throughout. When done correctly, they will more than support a full rack. (we've installed many stems this way)
- If you have a rock wall application, you may want to go with our floor to ceiling stems for easier installation.

- For stems smaller than 4' in length, and depending upon how many are purchased, we may ship via FedEx.
- For larger stems or larger orders, we'll ship via freight carrier.