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Are you designing a Restaurant, Bar, Hotel or Office space?  If so, this is where we thrive.  We work with architects, designers and GC's on a regular basis.  Let us help to design and build your furniture and metalwork.  We'll guarantee that you and your customers will be blown away with our quality and craftsmanship. 

What services do we offer? 

  • Metal furniture design and fabrication
  • Metalwork built to your specs, drawings and shipped ready for installation
  • Concept designs and drawings

What does our shop have to offer? 

  • Metal Fabrication 
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • In-House Powder-Coating
  • Wet Paint Finishes 
  • Natural Patina's 
  • Outsourced Wood Products
  • Custom Crating 

What makes us different? 

There are a lot of fabrication shops out there, but do they understand the design process?  Are they creative enough to mix and match products that will last for years and years to come? Our team has been involved in hundreds of projects over the years.  We have the experience and the passion behind what it takes to see your project through to the end. Our attention to detail will be apparent from the second you make contact with us.  
Call us or email us, we look forward to working with you. 
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