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About Us

At Urban Ironcraft, we've been designing and building handcrafted iron products for over 15 years. When you look through our website, you'll notice that we're not your typical manufacturer or fab shop.  Not only do we design and produce our own lines of products, we're a custom fabrication shop for specialty metal products as well. 
Justin Hodges
President / Product Designer 
Justin has been designing custom furniture and metalwork since 1999.  He's owned a retail furniture store and has personally fabricated hundreds of products over the years. Whether you're designing a custom coffee table or working on the layout for a new restaurant or commercial office, Justin will personally be involved in every step of the way.  
Keith Dickerson
VP / Accounting & IT
Keith is a computer programmer by trade, but has spent a good portion of his career working with accounting systems as well. His over 30 years of knowledge and expertise is invaluable to the success of the company.  
Craig Lewis 
Manager / Operations 
Craig was Urban Ironcrafts first employee and has been in the fabrication business for all of his working career.  He's fabricated everything from hot rods and motorcycles to high-end metal furniture and large commercial installations.  Along with Justin, Craig will be involved in ensuring that each and every product leaves the facility just the way the customer has ordered it. 
We look forward to working with you, whatever your project may be.  Rest assure that each and product we work on, will be handled exactly the same, no matter the size and or complexity. We're very serious about the quality we produce and we're dedicated to making sure that you're happy with what you ordered.